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Our Services 
- Installing receptacles, switches, circuits and GFic receptacles 
- Adding wall switches for ceiling fixtures, 3-way and dimmer switches 
- Installing junction boxes 
- Fishing and running cable 
- Planning kitchen and bathroom lighting 
- Hanging light fixtures including recessed lighting, halogen lighting, fluorescent lighting and 
motion-sensor lights 
- Installing ceiling fans, whole-house fans, bathroom vents, door chimes and thermostats 
- Installing a garage door opener. 
- Connecting rigid plastic pipe, PVC, CPVC and ABS 
- Repairing faucets and toilets 
- Installing and removing sinks, hot water tanks, tubs and showers. 
- Swamp Coolers, Repairs, Installs new or used 
- Priming surfaces 
- Spray painting 
- Removing wallpaper and stains 
- Painting walls, ceilings, doors, trim and windows 
- Staining 
- Sponging, ragging and stippling 
Walls and ceilings 
- Hanging and repairing drywall and plaster walls 
- Installing ceiling tile and suspended ceilings 
- Removing walls and building partition walls 
- Installing paneling and wall tiles 
- Installing chair and picture rails and crown molding 
- Installing locksets and latches 
- Creating openings for a door or window 
- Installing split-jamb interior doors, molding for interior doors, and headers 
- Installing prehung entry doors, storm doors, hinged patio doors, and garage doors 
- Stopping squeaks 
- Patching concrete floors 
- Removing carpet and wood flooring 
- Removing and installing ceramic tile 
- Replacing underlayment, 
- Installing sheet vinyl, laminate flooring, baseboards and thresholds 
- Grouting tile 
- Replacing broken sash cords and freeing stuck windows 
- Cutting and installing glass, repairing broken windowpanes 
- Replacing screens 
- Removing and installing windows, storm windows and window locks 
- Installing skylights 
Cabinets, Countertops, Shelving 
- Installation and removal 
Insulation and Weatherproofing 
Heating and Ventilation 
Winterizing sprinklers systems, and repairs